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Fifteen year old Jonathon has book smarts and a brilliant mind for technology, but absolutely no experience with the opposite sex.  When he finds himself enthralled with a beautiful classmate, Leana, he turns to what he knows best and decides to build a dream machine (aptly named REMY for Rapid Eye Movement which occurs during dreams) with hopes he can get her to dream about him. 


Jonathon finds those closest to him beginning to act strangely and wonders if they have been meddling with REMY behind his back.

In this Coming-of-Age, Young Adult novel, Jonathon learns there are some things that cannot be fixed with a machine.

Above the Clouds


"DK Posner is masterful at bringing the characters in REMY to life in a creative and convincing plot that young teens will be drawn to and identify with in this contemporary coming of age novel."

-Susy Wakkuri, Middle School English Teacher

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About the Author
D.K. Posner

D. "Kim" Posner grew up in Southern California and Oregon, and currently resides in Southern California with her husband. Her greatest joy in life is being with her family. She has had a long career as a Registered Nurse. Besides writing, she is very active and has many hobbies including golf, traveling, and getting together with friends.


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